Fire & Safety Inspection

Fire & Safety Inspection

HINGED SOLUTIONS can help protect your investments by assisting in keeping your openings that are critical to Fire and Life Safety in your building inspected as required. We can provide a variety of inspection services on various openings to ensure they are functioning properly and meet building code requirements.

Ray Putnam
Security Coordinator

The key to the success of your engagement was your knowledge of the latest code and the thoroughness of your review of all the openings in the building. The photographs and the accompanying clear descriptions plus the specific action list allowed the building contractor to systematically correct the deficiencies. They were able to check off each item prior to the inspection to ensure we met all Building Code, Fire & Life Safety and Egress Requirements...

Your knowledge, your thoroughness, and your detailed report saved this project thousands of dollars. Thank you for your excellent service.

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We offer efficient management and technical consulting services for all your division 8 opening requirements.

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